The race against time is now in full effect as Timothy, a servant of God, finds himself in a dark place after losing nearly all of his family due to Covid-19; each of them becomes his guardian angel and begins to show him signs and wonders that the end is near, Timothy locks in on the antichrist, and those in power around him fight to keep the truth covered. Will the truth be revealed? Find out in the riveting Novel that will keep you on your feet and leave you wanting more and more!

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A Novel by Pierre S. Hughes

We are, but a day away from destruction, our hearts have become cold like ice on stained glass, right and wrong have become the choice of the trending leader; it’s no longer about right or wrong but rather who’s right and who’s wrong is part of the course. Emotion has overtaken logic. The clock is ticking, and even though the time is moving towards the future and leaving the past behind, history somehow has stopped along the way and lost its course, repeating the same path repetitiously, so much to the point where every single direction is time-stamped with an exact number leaving absolutely no room for denial. 

We are witnessing a shift in power across the land

A broken history, an untold story.

The Movement of the Church directs the path of government and the world






Is God Speaking to us through Numbers? 


L-12 U-21 C-3 I-9 F-6 E-5 R-18 Total 74 


J-10 E-5 S-19 U-21 S-19 Total 74 

"The Wild Card"

A powerful movement of  black women will rise in 2022

Listen carefully to the words of the dead

@iletd He was later assasinated in 1965 #malcolmx ♬ original sound - Brandon from ILETD
@jusjason.2 Fannie Lou Hamer, from "The Heritage of Slavery." 🔎 #blackisbeautiful ♬ original sound - Jason
@bigdawg_74 Why haven’t I seen this??? I never heard Trump say anything disparaging about AA’s #PerfectPrideMovement #MadewithKAContest #foryoupage ♬ original sound - Unbeatable Beatz

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